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Plantar warts

Plantar warts are caused by a virus that affects children and adults. They lead to the emergence of rough, sometimes painful lesions.The HPV virus infection is one of the most frequent reason for consultation with a podiatrist. They may occur in patients of any age, but are more frequent in school-aged children. 


  • Plantar warts are mostly present under the foot, but can also be found between the toes or on top of the foot. 

  • Pain is usually felt when the lesion is pinched

  • May appear as a single lesion, or a group a multiple lesions 

  • May present one or many black dots (coagulated blood vessels) 

  • Under the foot, they are often covered in callus


The virus may be contracted by direct or indirect contact, meaning a skin-to-skin contact or stepping over a surface previously contaminated by someone else. Therefore, places where a lot of people walk barefoot are at higher risk. These include: 

  • Group classes (yoga, dance, etc)

  • Pools, spas

  • Locker rooms


Above all, we must make sure not to contaminate more people around us. It is therefore imperative to cover the skin if we suspect a wart is present, either with a bandage or a sock. For the shower, it is recommended to wear a sandal.

  • Treatments are topical and depend on the severity and size of the wart. Your podiatrist will discuss the possible options and prescribe the most appropriate one for your case. 

For more answers to your questions,
see your neighborhood podiatrist.

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