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Biomechanics and orthotics

For costum foot orthotics made for you and your condition, you need a podiatrist. Whether for daily life, sport or your unique condition, we have the knowledge necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Our foot orthotics, also called orthopedic insoles, are made from a very precise 3D scan of your foot, or a memory foam imprint, depending on your condition. The podiatrist can both carry out a complete biomechanical examination and prescribe the orthotics on site. During this examination, our podiatrist assesses:

  • The mechanics of the foot and its joints

  • Your gait

  • Some elements of posture relating to the foot

  • The dominant pressure points when standing ​

Following the examination, it is possible that the conclusion will be that orthotics are not necessary in your case. Your podiatrist will then explain the options available to you. ​ Images can be taken of your posture and your foot so that they can be compared in the futute. ​ Orthotics adapt to your needs. They can be:

  • A very thin, versatile and durable plastic shell that covers a little more than half of the foot

  • A full-length sole made from soft, comfortable materials

  • A hybrid of the two ​


Orthotics can also be modified free of charge in the first months following their delivery.

For more answers to your questions,
see your neighborhood podiatrist.

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