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Forefoot pain

The forefoot bears a lot of pressure and sometimes certain structures are unable to support the weight of our body. 
They may have a wide variety of causes, but forefoot pains all have one thing in common: they are incapacitating. Your podiatrist will know the right diagnosis, whether its cause is common or rare.


Forefoot pain might be very different from one person to the other and include: 

  • Feeling of a bump under the foot

  • Burning, throbbing

  • Feeling of swelling

  • Difficulty wearing certain types of shoes, whether for sports or for casual activities

  • Accumulation of callus under specific focal points

  • Gait modification, leading to problematic compensation patterns


  • Biomechanical problem

  • Bunion

  • Thinning of fat tissue under the ball of the foot

  • Trauma


Some of these pathologies are very easy to explain and to treat, while others might require a more thorough exam. Medical imaging may be necessary to properly assess the needs of the patient and allow him to return to his daily activities. 

For more answers to your questions,
see your neighborhood podiatrist.

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