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Morton's neuroma

Many nerves run through our feet. Sometimes, one of them may be trapped between two metatarsal heads, the long bones of our feet. In that case, the patient might experience a wide variety of uncomfortable symptoms. More often, the nerve responsible is ''the common digital nerve to the 3rd interspace''.


  • Feeling of walking over a fold in the socks

  • Unpleasant clicking sensation to the forefoot and toes

  • Pain, burning, throbbing 

  • Often worse in tight shoes


  • Biomechanical problem

  • High-arched foot

  • Hyperlaxity

  • Tight shoes

  • High heels

Home treatments:

  • Use shoes that are wider in the forefoot

  • Avoid standing on tiptoes or wearing high heels

Treatments by the podiatrist:
   First of all, it is important to verify the diagnosis. Then there are many ways to deal with it, including:​

  • Laser therapy treatment

  • Plantar orthotics

  • Cortisone injection

  • Shoe modification

  • In some cases, surgery is indicated

For more answers to your questions,
see your neighborhood podiatrist.

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