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Flat foot

A flat foot, or pes plano valgus, is a deformity of the posture in which the arches collapse. Some cases are hereditary, while others are caused by a pathology of the tibialis posterior muscle, responsible in parts for the structure of the arch.
When the arch of the foot collapses, the whole biomechanics of the lower limb is affected. It can be asymptomatic, or cause a wide variety of problems.  


It is important to understand that even though some flat feet don't cause any pain, there is a possibility that the will in the future, whether in the feet, the knees or the back. In children, the biomechanical examination may help detect a pathology of the foot and therefore initiate a treatment plan early on the onset of the problem.  

In adults, some flat feet may be painful and affect the daily life of the patient. It is therefore imperative to seek the opinion of a podiatrist to limit the symptoms.


Essentially, custom foot orthotics are often the treatment of choice. Sometimes, it is also necessary to change certain habits or to start a specific exercise program. In cases of severe inflammation, laser therapy might be prescribed.  


Some cases are mostly hereditary, which means the patient is born with it as part of his DNA. This doesn't mean that it will not cause any pain.

In other cases, the tendon responsible for maintaining the arch may be affected and unable to fulfil its function normally. A podiatric treatment is then essential for the healing process as well as the long term treatment. 

The foot might also change in a lifetime, whether simply because of aging, pregnancy, a change of morphology or a specific type of shoe worn for a long period of time. 

For more answers to your questions,
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