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Plantar fasciitis 

This is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation. There is pain in the heel, where the plantar fascia attaches. But beware, there are many causes of heel pain. Often called Épine de Lenoir, this pain in the heel often appears with the first steps in the morning. It can be intense and rarely heals on its own.


  • Pain around specifics points of the foot

  • Pain following compensation patterns

  • Difficult first steps in the morning

  • Feeling of burning, aching, pinching or stabbing

  • A decrease in the symptoms with the use of certain shoes


The causes are diverse and involve multiple factors. Here are a few examples:

  • Flat feet

  • Increased tension in the plantar fascia (weight gain, pregnancy, obesity, high-impact sports) 

  • Lack of flexibility in calf muscles

  • Biomechanical problems (limb length discrepancy, asymmetry)  

  • Trauma

  • Age

  • Inadequate shoes

Home treatments:

  • Ice

  • Calf and arch stretches 

  • Wearing shoes at all times

Treatments by the podiatrist:

  • Taping 

  • Custom plantar orthoses

  • Cortisone infiltration (guided by ultrasound)

  • Therapeutic laser

For more answers to your questions,
see your neighborhood podiatrist.

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